A quick preface… To ring in the new year we are deciding to start a new string of articles titled “Locker Room Spotlights”. In these articles we will spotlight some of the lesser known names that have made a big impact on sports. Please comment below, saying if we should continue or stop the series, and also feel free to leave suggestions for future installments. Thank you.

Meet Buster Scher, or as you may know him better as, the man behind the massively popular social media page, Hoops Nation. Only 17 years old, his posts get hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of likes each, and he has established himself as one of the biggest social media presences in sports.

That’s not all Buster does, however. Apart from the social media posts, Buster also hosts a weekly show for the media company, Overtime. He also has his own Podcast where he brings in some big names to chat about basketball and life.

So what is next for Buster Scher?

He says that he plans to expand his YouTube channel, Buster Scher, and become more of a vlogging presence, hopefully branching his channel off into more lifestyle and personality stuff, using basketball and Hoops Nation as a stepping stone.

At the age of 17, Scher has built a massive brand for himself, and is starting to become a big name in sports. Watch out for this kid in 2018, as he has some big plans, and if you want to follow him on social media:

Instagram: @hoopsnation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialhoopsnation/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9_1Lc6FOXnWpmce3mggvQ/featured


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