The Jets lost to the Chargers 14-7 in a truly ugly game. The Jets punted the ball over ten times and the energy in MetLife Stadium was beyond low.

The Jets moved to 5-10 with the lost and now own the eighth overall pick. We have the chance to move up as high as the fourth overall pick with some help from other teams. So, let’s hope for a Christmas miracle.

I don’t really have much to say about this Jets team anymore. We are young, talented, and raw. We need help at the Quarterback position and the offensive line. I’m confident in our defense, we don’t need a lot of changes on that side of the ball. If Mike Maccaganan plays the right cards we have a bright future.

On a sadder note, Sunday was the last time, for the foreseeable future, that I’d be going to a Jets game with my dad in our seats below the Verizon Scoreboard. I’ve been going to Jets games all my life, and now since I’m going to college my dad isn’t sure he wants to keep our season tickets.

Whatever he decides to do with the tickets, going to Jets games with him, regardless of how bad the Jets were, is what’s special to me.

In honor of my dad I’d like to recap my most memorable moments of going to Jets games with him for the past 18 years.

The Monday Night Miracle

I wasn’t born yet, but I was alive, and I was there. My mom was pregnant with me and my sister and my mom and dad ended up leaving early because the Jets were getting blown out by the Dolphins before Vinny Testaverde lead one of the most memorable comebacks of all time.

Win and We’re In

It was 2009, Mark Sanchez’s rookie year, and the Jets had won four of their last five games to give themselves a chance at the playoffs. The only thing standing in their way was Chad Ochocinco and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Sunday Night game was played in below freezing temperatures with a 5° wind chill. I remember my dad and I going to Ski Barn the day before and buying layers upon layers to stay warm. I wore three pairs of pants to stay warm.

The Jets number one ranked defense lived up to the hype, shutting out the Bengals, 37-0 giving the Jets the final Wild Card Spot. It also was the last game in Giants Stadium.

Jets Vs Cowboys, September 11, 2011

To start off the 2011 season the New York Jets played the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night. This game marked the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The energy and emotion of the crowd and players was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Throughout the game first responders were honored and the halftime show was incredible showing giant spotlights in remembrance of the Twin Towers.

The game itself was incredible. The Cowboys took an early lead, but the Jets rallied in the fourth quarter by playing tough defense and great special teams. It truly was a game to remember. Thanks Isiah Trufant and Joe McKnight for blocked punt I will always remember.

Jets Miracle Comeback Vs Houston

Going back to 2010, the New York Jets were facing off against the Houston Texans. This game is different than the other because we weren’t sitting in our normal seats under the scoreboard. We were sitting by the right side of the end zone right, three rows up.

These seats belonged to one of my dad’s oldest friends and he lent us the tickets for the game. My dad had a stomach virus so he actually spent most of the game in the bathroom, but he was there for the final seconds when Braylon Edwards caught a bomb from Mark Sanchez right in front of our seats. On the next play, Santonio Holmes buried the Texans with a game winning touchdown from Sanchez.

The stadium was nearly empty when the Jets pulled out the win. In this video you can see where I was sitting, right by the red AFC symbol in the end zone. Here is the final drive:

Jets vs Dolphins 2017

Yeah, this game is from this year. I wanted to add the times we went to Green Bay or Dallas, but we can always do away games. The home games at MetLife are special. This game was the first home game of the 2017 season.

Jay Cutler was leading the supposed playoff bound Dolphins into MetLife stadium against a Jets team that was predicted to go 0-16. Too our amazement the Jets dominated the Dolphins and made an absolute joke out of Jay Cutler winning 20-6.

There was a handful of Dolphin fans in our section and laughing in their faces was one of my favorite memories of going to games with my dad.

Thanks for making me a Jets fan. It sucks, but it’s all gonna be worth it when we just end the suffering.

Just End The Suffering will conclude next week after the New York Jets probably lose to the Patriots. Check out the Locker Room Sports on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more great content!

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