Throughout this entire season I’ve been praying in hope that the jets would finish with a number one overall pick. My hopes and prayers were ripped to shreds when the Jets decided to win 3 games back in October I began praying for a top 5 pick.

The Jets drafting position got really bad at one point. The Jets had the 15th pick. We would’ve been stuck in NFL purgatory forever. Today, sitting at 5-9 my beloved New York Jets are in the running for the 10th overall pick.

This holiday season, the Jets need a Festivus miracle to get a top five pick. All they had to do was suck, like everyone thought they were gonna do. And they couldn’t even do that.

Here is what the Jets need to happen:

I’m tired of airing my grievances towards the Jets. The feats of strength won’t satisfy my frustration towards the unprofessional disappointment that is the New York Jets.

Why can’t they just do something good for once? We need a miracle.

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