Shit. It’s been a while. There’s a lot of awful Jets football I have to vent about so be patient with me.

Jets vs Chiefs

The Jets won 38-31 in a shootout between a high powered offense (Kansas) and a group of overachievers (New York).

Robby Anderson had a day catching two touch downs for over 100 yards. Furthering his case to be a legit number one wide receiver in the NFL.

The offensive line, which has been one of my biggest concerns, was phenomenal. McCown was sacked twice and the ground game was superb. The backfield committee of Powell, Forte, and McGuire ran for 157 yards and three touchdowns.

We beat a very talented team, and most importantly, we didn’t blow a fourth quarter lead. This young core of players took a huge step in their development. If we get a real quarterback this team has a bright future and they showed it against Kansas City.

Also, Marcus Peters throwing a penalty flag into the stands might be the goof of the year.

Jets vs Broncos

This Jets team gives me so many headaches. I’m confused when they play well, and then I get confused when they play awful. They played awful verse Denver getting shut out 23-0.

Rest in peace Josh McCown. I’m not gonna lie, I teared up during your press conference. You have given it your all for the New York Jets and the fans. You’ve been a great leader in the locker and the work you put in every single day to be able to play in this league is incredible. I wish you weren’t as mediocre as you are. You deserve better with all the work you put in.

Skip to 1:45 in the video to see McCown’s post game press conference.

Anyway, Denver has a great defense and absolutely took advantage of the overachieving Jets. The tank is back on. The future will be bright. Just kidding we’re gonna suck forever.

Jets vs Saints

As Marshon Lattimore was celebrating his game sealing interception Kevin Harlan said: “The Saints have a winner in New Orleans today, but the Jets gave them a lot to handle.”

This quote pretty much sums up every Jets lost this year. Besides Denver, every game we have lost has been hard fought. We should even have two more wins if Austin Sefarian-Jenkins didn’t get cheated out twice. Whatever.

Overall, the Jets played pretty well. On the defensive of the ball, Jamal Adams is a beast. Forcing that fumble in the red zone was huge. The offense, however, couldn’t convert that turnover into points. Buster Skrine forced another fumble and the Jets offense punted the ball again.


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I don’t even know what to say about Muhammad Wilkerson. He didn’t even make the trip due to a “Coach’s decision.” I’m a big fan of Wilkerson, and I really hope he doesn’t leave the Jets. With all of these off the field issues, it seems like Wilkerson’s time in New York is done.

In other news, someone other than Josh McCown got the starting nod, and his name is Bryce Petty. Against a good Saints defense Petty played poorly. He was 19-39 for one touchdown and two interceptions. One of those interceptions was a desperation garbage time throw Regardless, he didn’t show us anything in particular that gives the New York Jets any hope for the future.

I really like Petty. He throws one of the prettiest balls I’ve ever seen and can make every throw, but it appears he’s still having trouble with the NFL style of offense and breaking down defenses pre-snap. It saddens me to say that we can finally cross Petty off of our future Quarterback list.

I would love for Bowles to consider Hackenberg for the remaining weeks because we have nothing to lose. Bowles’ job is safe for another year so why not give the second round pick his first shot at the pros? Maybe he’ll be the one?

The more likely scenario, however, is that Hackenberg will be terrible continuing the cycle of suffering.

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