Yeah that’s right… he’s back.

The story of the day surrounding the PGA tour, Tiger Woods returned to professional golf today after a 301 day break.

Quite possibly the most dominant athlete of all time, lets take a second to go over his prolific career. Tiger is second in total PGA Tour events won with 79, second in most majors won with 14, he holds the lowest career scoring average in PGA Tour History, he has won a record 11 PGA Player of the Year awards, and has won a record 25.2% of his starts on the PGA Tour. These are just the measurable achievements, Tiger’s impact on golf is far greater than this.

Before Tiger, golfers were average, sometimes overweight, men who didn’t put a premium on physical fitness. Then Tiger burst onto the scene. Once he came on he completely change the prototype of a golfer. Now golfers are athletes who focus heavily on working out and staying in shape. So when considering the legacy of a great athlete, completely changing the sport they play is pretty high up on that list.

Now that you know just what the return of this legend means to the sport of Golf, let’s look at the return itself.

This isn’t the first time Tiger has returned to the sport, but it is defiantly the most successful. Currently tied for 8th in the Hero World Challenge standings, Tiger is 3 under after his first round, shooting 69. While that may not seem so impressive for someone of his pedigree, for someone who is 41 years old, it’s pretty good.


Here are just a few highlights from the day:


Now that he’s back, lets see how the golf world adjusts. Hopefully Tiger will find success, and end his career on a high note, but for now lets just be happy that TIGER IS BACK!

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