Week 13 is here and now I went 13-3 with my picks for Week 12 which adds up to 97-75 on the season. This week looks to be much more difficult in terms of picking a winner for each game including games like the Redskins @ Cowboys, Vikings @ Falcons, Lions @ Ravens, Chiefs @ Jets, Panthers @ Saints, Eagles @ Seahawks, and Steelers @ Bengals. Wish me luck because it seems like I may not even get half of the games correct.

Redskins 24, Cowboys 20; 8:25pm NFL Network/NBC

Tough game to call. Let’s think about it; the Redskins have dealt with numerous injuries as the offensive line is not at 100%. The Cowboys have never looked so weak before until Zeke was suspended and since Tyron Smith and Sean Lee suffered injuries. They have not been the same team which is why Kirk Cousins and the Redskins will finally beat Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. Also, the Cowboys have only mustered out 22 points in 3 games scoring only 2 TDs in the past two games. Sure, the Redskins defense may not be as good as the Chargers, but division rivals always have a set blueprint that make games that much more intense. This game could go either way but I see the Redskins winning this one.

Falcons 23, Vikings 21; 1:00pm FOX

This game could go either way. The one thing that I see playing a factor in a Falcons win is the quarterback play. Who is the more proven quarterback? Matt Ryan is the answer and will carry this team to a crucial victory. Also, this win streak will need to come to an end eventually, so I expect it to be this Sunday. The Vikings elite is a top 10 unit and Atlanta’s is also very solid. It will be a game that goes down to the wire, but Atlanta will walk away victorious.

Packers 24, Bucs 19; 1:00pm FOX

Expect to see the Brett Hundley that showed up on Sunday Night Football against the Steelers. Besides, this Bucs pass defense is absolutely horrendous which could lead to a big game for Hundley. Jameis Winston will be returning to the starting lineup but the Packers defense plays well and will give him a tough time. Sunday in Lambeau Field, I see it more as a win for Hundley and this stout Packers defense.

Jaguars 27, Colts 16; 1:00pm CBS

This game will be ugly… for the Colts. They’re coming off a devastating loss in which they had a momentum-changing fumble. The Colts face a very aggressive defense that knows how to get to the quarterback and stop the run. This will make it very challenging for the Colts to score any points and they have one of the top 5 worst offensive lines allowing more than 35 sacks this season. This is probably one of the easier winners to pick this weekend and there really shouldn’t be a way for the Colts to win this game.

Patriots 26, Bills 20; 1:00pm CBS

The Patriots are rolling right now and looking for their 8th straight win and will probably get it against the Bills. The Bills could pull off a win if Shady McCoy ends up going off but the Patriots has been solid during this win streak. Let’s also not forget that Brady has one of the best tight ends, if not the best right end in the NFL at the moment in Rob Gronkowski. Grind has been a thorn in the Bills’ side and will be key to a Patriots victory this time around.

Ravens 22, Lions 21; 1:00pm

This game could really go either way. I believe the Ravens defense will hold up against a gimpy Matt Stafford who suffered an ankle injury against the Vikings on Thanksgiving. It looks like Stafford’s mobility will be limited once again and the Ravens could capitalize on this by pressuring him often. As for Joe Flacco… he’ll just have to play a clean game and will need to deliver when his number is called upon. Give me the Ravens at home.

Titans 24, Texans 22; 1:00pm CBS

The game will be closer than others think. It will come down to the play of the quarterback. Savage had a disappointing performance against the Ravens on Monday Night but has shown some signs of improvement while Mariota has been having a down year as he threw yet another interception against the Colts. This game means much more to the Titans and means they’ll be desperate for a win. I’ll take the Titans in this one.

Broncos 20, Dolphins 17; 1:00pm FOX

What can be said about this game other than these two teams were considered playoff contenders before the season even started. Now they’re both playing against in a meaningless game that will only worsen the teams morales and attitudes. This game is tough to call for all the wrong reasons. Their quarterback situations are simply a mess and their run games are virtually nonexistent. Don’t be surprised if this ends up being a game where there are no touchdowns scored. I’ll take the Broncos but only because their defense is slightly better than Miami’s.

Bears 24, 49ers 23; 1:00pm CBS

This game is intriguing and perhaps more intriguing than the Broncos and Dolphins game. One is because Jimmy Garropolo will be starting for the first time for the Niners and fans will finally see if the trade for him was worthwhile. On the other side, promising rookie Mitch Trubisky will be starting again and will look to pull out a win at home. Seeing as the Bears have a better defense than the 49ers and a two-headed running game in Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, give me the Bears to win their 4th of the season.

Jets 23, Chiefs 20; 1:00pm CBS

Many of you may be wondering why I think the Jets will be winning. Firstly, the Jets managed to stay in the game against the Panthers until McCown turned the ball over in the 4th quarter which set up 2 TDs for them and secondly, the Chiefs look absolutely horrible. They are struggling like we’ve never seen them before. I don’t see the Chiefs bouncing back this week against a sneaky good Jets team.

Chargers 27, Browns 17; 4:05pm CBS

The Chargers were electric on Thanksgiving and cooked the Cowboys in a 28-6 win. If you remember this matchup last year, you’ll remember that the Chargers managed to lose to the Browns which was their only win of the season. This time, the Chargers are actually fighting for a playoff berth and are at home in the StubHub Center. Expect Philly Riv to have another lights out performance and handle this game with ease as they get back to .500.

Saints 28, Panthers 25; 4:25pm FOX

What a matchup this is. Both teams currently stand at 8-3 and the winner takes 1st place in the NFC South. This game will come down to the final minutes of the game but expect the Saints to bounce back and win at home against the Panthers. Also, the Panthers barely beat the Jets a week ago mustering a 2 TD leas only after Josh McCown fumbled the ball in the 4th quarter and since the Saints don’t turn the ball over very much, they’ll be the ones to come away with a victory.

Rams 24, Cardinals 19; 4:25pm FOX

The Rams are coming off a big win against the New Orleans Saints and no face a division rival in the Arizona Cardinals. Blaine Gabbert has been playing surprisingly well for Bruce Arians but I don’t think it’ll be enough to pull of a victory. The Rams have an offensive mastermind in Sean McVay and are one of the top-scoring teams in the NFL. Add this all up, and you see that the Rams are the clear favorites to win this game but don’t be surprised if the Cardinals come somewhat close to pulling off an upset.

Raiders 24, Giants 16; 4:25pm FOX

Geno Smith… a lot of Giants fans are probably fuming at the benching of Eli Manning. Let’s be real, Geno Smith is no where near as good or will ever be as good as Manning. With that being said, the Giants will struggle to score any points on offense with Smith st the helm. Derek Carr will most likely Carrve up the Giants defense esepecially with Jenoris Jenkins our for the season. Give me the Raiders at home.

Seahawks 26, Eagles 24; 8:30pm NBC

I really hate to do this to my Eagles, but the winning streak has to come to an end eventually. Playing in one of the toughest environments in CenturyLink Field and playing against Russell Wilson will prove to be just too much for the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. I believe this game could go either way but Russell Wilson will pull off a magical game-winning drive in the final minute and will see Blair Walsh kick the game-winning field goal. This game will be a very, very tight affair to say the least.

Steelers 25, Bengals 19; 8:30pm ESPN

This game could be a close one and will definitely be a blood bath as it has been over the past few years. The Three B’s (Brown, Bell, and Ben Roethlisberger) will prove to be too much to handle for the Bengals defense while the Steelers defense will prove to be too much for Andy Dalton optando the offense. Honestly, don’t be surprised if the game is close because Ben Roethlisberger has a tendency of turning the ball over especially away from home. I’ll take the Steelers to win this one.



2 thoughts on “Week 13 NFL Picks: Will the Seahawks End Philly’s 9-Game Win Streak?

  1. I’m excited for the Seahawks/ Eagles game. It’s going to be a good one. I also have Russel Wilson on my fantasy team and he is the number one fantasy QB right now. I don’t know if you know fantasy but I do have a question: I have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce on my team and they were good in the beginning but now…the Chiefs suck. I am starting Robby Anderson and Julio Jones for sure, but I also have Devin Funchess. Should I do Tyreek or Devin?


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