I’m an Eagles fan. Always have been, always will be. This particular decision has caused more pain than can be written into this article. I was there for the big losses (like the Superbowl against the Pats) and the smaller ones (like Ryan Matthew’s fumbling the ball against Detroit). I’ve ripped T-shirts, thrown phones, punched walls, and screamed in pillows. For as long as I can remember, the Eagles always lost. When things were looking up, they plummeted down. When there were “fool-proof” game plans, we screwed them up. When there were 20 point leads, we blew them. Some say that Eagles fans are the most dedicated fans in the world. Honestly, this is true. We’ve endured “there’s always next year” and countless jokes about the Eagles not winning a Superbowl. For far too long, we have suffered in hopes of one day finding a success.

This year, we finally have a team that we can be proud of. We can wear an Eagles jersey without being laughed at. We are 10-1 and look unstoppable. The typically biased ESPN analysts, reporters, and fellow football fans were finally shut up. I vividly remember watching the Thursday night game against the Panthers this season and every single Commentator bet against the Eagles. We won. All this pain and suffering may finally be paying off, but one thing is ruining the experience: Bandwagoners. People won’t let us enjoy what is rightfully ours. Even Lebron James, a notorious Dallas fan, has become a huge Carson Wentz and eagles fan all of a sudden.

If you’re an Eagles fan at all, I hope you aren’t convinced by this team. Riddled with penalties, miscues, injuries, and Halapoulivaati Vaitai’s, I can almost guarantee that we won’t win the Superbowl. We are too young of a team, too inexperienced, and too damn unlucky to win. However, I can rest easy knowing that Eli Manning is getting benched, the Cowboys look like a football team from a rural village in Mississippi, and the Redskins’ receiving corps looks like a bunch of 10-year-olds playing 2-hand touch at a barbecue for their travel soccer team.

Corey Clement, Nelson Agholor, Jalen Mills, Derek Barnett, Jay Ajayi, Mack Hollins, Zach Ertz, Malcolm Jenkins, Patrick Robinson, Brandon Brooks, Lane Johnson, and Carson Wentz all have promising NFL futures. Can’t wait to see what it holds.

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