I’m not gonna lie, I had some conflicting feelings going into today’s game against the Carolina Panthers. At 4-6, the 2017-18 New York Jets had miraculously found themselves in the playoff hunt. Back in 2009, The Jets led by Mark Sanchez were in the same exact position against the Carolina Panthers. The Jets had the number one defense in the league and won that game 17-6. They would then go on to win five of their next six games to sneak into the playoffs. This team went to the AFC Championship game.

I was feeling some nostalgia and was kind of hoping for a Jets win. Even though we are 4-6, in all honesty we could be 6-4 or 7-3. So, I figured we could have a decent shot at the playoffs. If we aren’t tanking then we better be winning. For three quarters I saw the playoff potential in this Jets team.

One bright spot was Robbie Anderson. This man is legit and who knows how well he’ll play with a good quarterback, no offense Josh McCown. Anderson had six receptions for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Anderson’s ability to stretch the field really compliments Jermaine Kearse. The best part about this is, once Quincy Enunwa comes back we’ll have a dangerous wide receiving core.

Robby Anderson’s Two Touchdowns

Despite the point total, The Jets defense played very well today. When forced to throw the ball Cam Newton was reduced to nothing. Devin Funchess had a couple nice catches, but Darryl Roberts held his own and was never exposed. Plus, Buster Skrine appears to have finally found his groove since joining gang green back in 2015. Finally, the dynamic duo of Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams are all over the field directing traffic, making big tackles, and creating a lot of energy.

Then in the fourth quarter I realized that the tank is back on! Woo! After Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was robbed of another touchdown catch, Carolina took over scoring two touchdowns ultimately dooming The Jets to another lost.

It all started with poor line and quarterback play. The same two issues I have written about previously! Josh McCown played well early, but when he had to step up and win the game he fell apart. He made poor decisions and had plenty of bad throws. The offensive line didn’t do McCown any favors either. McCown was constantly pressured which lead to a lot of his poor decisions. The line let up sacks on early downs giving the offense a small chance to succeed.

This play pretty much sums up The Jets in the fourth quarter:

The pass protection was non-existent and Josh McCown is one of the more turnover prone Quarterback’s in the league. This play alone sums up why my beloved Jets need to tank. The line is in shambles and needs to be fixed. The best teams in the NFL like the Eagles, Vikings, and Rams have the best offensive lines. Rebuilding starts from the ball out, not the sideline in.

Quarterback wise their isn’t much I can say besides this incoming class has a lot of potential and The Jets would be stupid to miss out on players like Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, or Sam Darnold.

I’m not sure what I want from this New York Jets team. I would love for The Jets to win their remaining games and have a shot at the playoffs. Who doesn’t like being the underdog? But if we tank, get ourselves a good draft pick, and make some other offseason moves this team has a good chance of ending the suffering in the near future.

Just End the Suffering is a series of weekly articles about the New York Jets. Check out the Locker Room Sports on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more great content! 

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