The Indianapolis Colts released veteran CB Vontae Davis, a former Pro-Bowler, today following his decision to undergo season-ending groin surgery. This decision to release him finally ended a weird week between the Colts and Davis. Davis commented earlier this week how he felt “disrespected” by how the Colts handled his being left behind for their game at Huston, saying that the decision was a coach’s decision and not an injury-related decision.

Davis, who would be a free agent after this season, said that his groin had been bothering him all season, and with the way the Colts’ season is going, I can’t see why he wouldn’t undergo surgery. This decision clearly angered the Colts, however, and they decided to release him, having to pay the rest of his salary this season unless he gets picked up on the waivers.

I hope Davis’ career doesn’t end with a decision to ditch a terrible season to get surgery he needed. A two time Pro-Bowler, in his 120 career games with the Colts and Dolphins, Davis had 399 tackles and 22 interceptions.

– Greeny

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