The last time the Jets were good, back in 2015, they played Buffalo in Metlife stadium on a Thursday night. The Jets would go on to lose this game, which forced them to beat Buffalo in week 17 to make the playoffs. If you remember “Just End The Suffering: Part 1″, they lost that week 17 game behind Ryan ShitzPatrick’s three interceptions.

Thursday night, the Jets saw themselves in another pivotal game vs Buffalo, needing to lose so they could reposition themselves into the top ten of the draft order.

What the f*ck! The Jets decided to win, again!

Out of all the years I want the Jets to suck they win four games pushing us farther away from a top ten draft pick. By the way, I’m settling for the top ten because it seems almost impossible that we can get anywhere near the top five.

What in the wide world of sports are the Jets doing! Why are they running for 194 yards against Buffalo’s top ten rush defense? Why is Josh McCown not turning the ball over? Why are you guys winning?

Look, I understand that there is something called pride and the young Jets roster has tons of it, but you can lose with pride. Instead of winning by three in a hard-fought game, lose by three.

The worst part of this Jets win is that they freaking dominated the Bills for 60 minutes! The Jets controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball recording seven sacks and running for 194 yards. In addition, they possessed the ball for over half the game!

The Jets are doing the same thing they do every year, good or bad. They build up all of the hope inside of you. They make you say things like: “Everyone was wrong about my Jets we are definitely going to be contenders next year!’ Even worse: “Josh McCown is finally hitting his stride, we should re-sign him!” Once they build up all of this hope they smash and rip and tear it to little tiny pieces!

The Jets are just setting up all of their loyal fan base for another ten years of mediocrity, sadness, disappointment, frustration, and tears if they win one more game this year.

Please, Todd Bowles and Mike Macagnan, do the right thing and tank so we can just end the suffering.

p.s. Fireman Ed came back!

Just End The Suffering is a series of weekly articles written after each jets game. Follow the Locker Room Sports on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more great content.


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