The news broke on Monday night that Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension was reinstated. This two month long saga seems to have ended, and Zeke will miss the next six games. The Cowboys and Jason Garret now face a decision to fill the big shoes of their second-year all-pro franchise running back.

Regardless of their statuses as backups, Dallas has two Pro Bowl running backs in Alford Morris and Darren Mcfadden. Morris ran for over a thousand yards in his three out of four seasons as a Redskin and continues to show promise in the few snaps he got in the Dallas backfield, having thirteen attempts for one hundred and five yards. With an average yards per carry (8.07) way over the league’s average (4.00), he seems like the best option.

Don’t count out Darren Mcfadden though, a longtime back with the Oakland Raiders, who has two, one thousand yard seasons, one with the Raiders and one in Dallas back in 2015 when he took over the injured Demarco Murry.

Regardless of who is in the backfield for Dallas, the suspension of Elliot seems to be only a minor set back for the Cowboys.


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