You will soon begin to learn that the New York Jets are the worst part of my life and I complain about them often. Nothing has ever caused me more pain and frustration. I didn’t ask to be a Jets fan; I was born into it like every other Jets fan.

I have seen my fair share of pathetic moments. I was at the butt fumble game. I was in Indianapolis for the 2009 AFC Championship game, where the Jets blew a 17-6 lead at the half. I remember crying after Ryan Fitzpat”shit” threw three interceptions in Buffalo to deny the Jets their first playoff berth in six years. Did I mention that game was against Rex Ryan’s Bills team? That’s a whole other article.

Besides the Jets, my life is pretty great. My family is well off. I go to a great school. I have great friends, but for some reason every season the Jets find a way to break my heart, except this year.

Opening day they lost in Buffalo to a gritty blue-collar team that is currently 5-2 and contending for the AFC East (don’t take contending too seriously we all know New England is gonna figure it out). Then they traveled to Oakland and get swallowed by the black hole. Everything looked great! We were 0-2 and well on our way to a number one draft pick.

Oh wait, never mind it’s the same old Jets just breaking my heart and ripping out my soul again.

They suddenly decide to win three games in a row positioning themselves to be first place in the AFC East. Thankfully, the referees decided to make one of the worst booth reviews in NFL history.

This year I came into the season wanting a number one overall draft pick and a franchise quarterback. Nope, the Jets are even bad at losing and now have a .1% of getting the number one overall pick. Now, we see ourselves stuck in the purgatory of mediocrity where you don’t get good enough to make the playoffs, but you aren’t bad enough to get a top-five pick.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.22.53 PM

The goddamn Jets have the tenth overall pick and are now only a couple of wins away from moving into NFL purgatory. All I want is my favorite team to tank like the Sixers. It worked out for them. Why can’t the Jets just trust the process and end the suffering?

This is the first part of weekly articles about the New York Jets. Fireman Ed, we miss you!

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