Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins went all out for Halloween with a maxed out batman costume. Peep those lit up eyes.

Steph Curry 

Steph Curry is rolling into the Warriors game in style. Equipped with a bicycle and a jigsaw mask, he is sure to scare away the Clippers.

Celtics Fan 

I think we have the winner of Halloween.

Baker Mayfield 

This is not a costume, but I had to include this. During his game against Texas Tech, Baker Mayfield is just chilling on the sidelines eating and sharing candy with the referee. This guy is a legend.

Brandon Marshall (Denver)

Brandon Marshall decided to go as Von Miller for Halloween. He hilariously mocks Von Miller for his Old Spice commercials and his sex tape scandal.

Russel Westbrook and Nick Collison 

Russel Westbrook and Nick Collison executed this costume to perfection, dressing up as the characters from “White Men Can’t Jump”.

Lebron James

Lebron pulls up with a horrifying Pennywise costume. Imagine a 6’8″ pennywise coming after you.

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