Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe was sent home on Monday, likely having played his last game in a Suns jersey. The reason for his dismissal? A tweet. What did it say?

Wow… so scandalous. This man is clearly poisonous to the organization and needs to be released immediately. Granted, he has been saying that he wants to be traded for a while now, and this may have just pushed the organization over the edge.

When asked, the Suns GM Ryan McDonough said that Bledsoe’s alibi was that he was at a hair salon with his girl. Fair enough. We’ve all been stuck somewhere we don’t want to be, but Bledsoe just decided to let his 200k followers know how he was feeling.

This excuse seems flimsy, especially with the problems the Suns have had with coaching, but I actually believe him. Bledsoe is the king of vague tweets, just look at these:

Bledsoe is like that grandparent that responds to the message “What’s Happening?” on Twitter.

Now back to getting himself sent home. Eric Bledsoe is a genius, and he just may have pulled the biggest power move in all of sports. Not only does he have a lot of people believing him and hating the front office, but he is now being paid to just sit on his ass. This man is living the American Dream: getting paid to do jack shit. On top of that, it’s going to be harder to trade him away since teams know that the Suns are itching to get rid of him. It looks like Bledsoe was able to cheat the system and screw the organization he hates in the process.

Good for you Eric, you are my hero.

– Greeny

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