Markelle Fultz is visibly struggling on the court for the Sixers. He’s reluctant to shoot jump shots and his free throw is wack. He hasn’t attempted a three-point shot in his first three games as a Sixer. Considering that he attempted about 5 three pointers a game at Washington, there should be serious concern. To add to the concern, he has had a nagging shoulder injury (something Sixers fans are tired of hearing about).

Markelle Fultz, if you’re reading this I will be there in one hour to help you out with your awful free throw. I know kids on the JV basketball team that have a better free throw then you. Fultz, get your shit together.

To be fair this kid is only 19 and has only played three games in the NBA.  Hopefully I’m just overreacting and Fultz ends up completing the process and leading the Sixers to a title. His next game is Monday night against the Pistons where I hope he bounces back and proves me wrong.

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