A little background… NCAA Men’s Golf Individual Champion, Braden Thornberry, took the field for the Ole Miss football game on Saturday, showcasing his golf skills by hitting a field goal with a golf club. To most, this was just a fun little trick at halftime, allowing Ole Miss fans to relax a bit while they were getting railed by LSU, but to Thornberry, this was a chance to showcase his one true passion, folf.

What is folf? The brainchild of Thornberry, it combines football and golf, in what can only be described the hardest sobriety test ever. I can only imagine two drunk college kids trying to play this and ending up covered in vomit with a concussion from a golf club to the head. That is folf.

A few days before the football game, the Men’s Golf team at Ole Miss tweeted out a fake 30 for 30, detailing the struggles Thornberry has experienced with this sport, and how it almost ruined his life, and it is drop dead hilarious.

I hope that Thornberry goes back on his decision and pursues folf full time #ItsNotYourFolf

– Greeny

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